Peter Lynn Phantom 18.0



Peter Lynn Phantom Depower Kite 6

Peter Lynn Phantom 18.0

The Phantom, one of the most unique and recognizable Twinskin kites to date has been reinvented! The reincarnation of the Phantom features all the characteristics that made the original kite such a huge success amongst riders around the world and will again be the ultimate Twinskin for landuse. Whether you are looking to bust huge moves on a land/snow board or to comfortably ride along endless beaches and deserted flatlands in your buggy, the Phantom will provide you with a stable and reliable platform allowing you to go bigger, faster and further than ever before.

The original Phantom was (and still is!) well known around the globe for its extreme hangtime, its ridiculous amount of lift, and high flying speed. With the release of the 2012 Phantom Peter Lynn revitalizes a part of kiting history with a new contemporary design, complemented with the latest performance enhancements. The Phantom 2012 will add all the innovations the Peter Lynn Twinskin range has undergone in the past decade to create a sleek, high aspect ratio kite. Get your hands on one and experience it’s mythical performance yourself.

Extremely broad wind range
The Phantom 2 has the widest wind range of any Arc to date! Taking the best low-end wind performance and enhancing it with quick and easy turning, the Phantom 2 will have you moving in conditions usually reserved for bigger kites. The low wind performance of the Phantom 2 is well matched by its high wind handling. With its huge depower range you will find confidence in winds that you would normally want a smaller kite for. The Phantom 2 will have you riding more and swapping wings less.

The Phantom 2 possesses the classic Peter Lynn Auto-zenith made famous by the original Phantom 1. In the event that you have to let go of the bar, the Auto-zenith feature of the Phantom 2 will place the kite above you automatically, without luffing or collapsing. A great feature if things don’t “go as planned” or you just need to take a break.

The Phantom 2 is the embodiment of Peter Lynn Twinskin stability. The Phantom 2 is superb at flying in gusty inland conditions. Perfect for land based and snow kite applications. The gust handling ability of the Phantom 2 means less fatigue and longer ride time.

Precise control.
If the Charger is the “Formula 1″ of Peter Lynn Twin skins then the Phantom 2 is the “Top Fuel Dragster”. Designed with the highest Aspect Ratio of any Peter Lynn Arc in current production, the Phantom 2 has extremely fast flying speed, unmatched stability and will claw its way upwind with ease. Even with its razor sharp handling the Phantom 2 has the versatility to fly as aggressive or mellow as the rider wants. Drive the Phantom 2 hard or just “park and ride” the Phantom 2 will put a smile on your face.

Amazing lift.
The combination of high forward speed, high Aspect ratio and quick turn rate enables the Phantom 2 to produce a huge amount of super smooth lift. Match that with the amount of float that the Phantom 2 has and you have some serious hang time to pull off whatever tricks you have in your bag.

Peter Lynn Phantom Paket:
- Phantom Kite mit Packgurt
- Phantom erweiterbares Backpack
- Phantom Compact sticks
- Peter Lynn Sand & Snow bag
- Peter Lynn Anleitung
- Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Sticker
- Peter Lynn Bar (nur in der RTF- Version)
- Dyneema Flugleinen (nur in der RTF- Version)

Peter Lynn Phantom Technische Daten:
Flat Area 18.0 qm
Projected Area 10.9 qm
Aspect Ratio 5.6
Cells 31

Peter Lynn Phantom Depower Kite 2
Peter Lynn Phantom Depower Kite 3
Peter Lynn Phantom Depower Kite 4

Peter Lynn Phantom Bar

Peter Lynn Phantom Depower Kite 5

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