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Peter Lynn Rally



Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy 1

Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy

The Peter Lynn Rally replaces the famous XR+ design and remains a true ‘all purpose’ buggy. It is made out of galvanized powder coated steel. The strong connection points make the buggy very durable and its fully reinforced and padded seat guarantee many hours of care free and comfortable riding.

The Rally is the perfect ‘first’ buggy for anyone wanting to get into the sport, and it may very well be the only buggy you ever need. Its nicely balanced centre of gravity makes the Rally an excellent choice for freeriding and doing tricks.The Rally will be available in 2 options; one with standard wheel and one with the Extra wide wheel set-up.

Characteristics & features
- Balanced center of gravity for doing tricks like 360’s with ease.
- Strong galvanized powder coated steel frame with reinforced connections
- Galvanized steel nuts & bolts.
- Specially curved sideframes to ensure good body grip
- 4-bolt adjustable downtube
- 42mm diameter backaxle with 20mm wheel bolts ensuring maximum strength
- Luxury padded seat for a comfortable ride
- 35mm sideframes for extra rigidity and strength
- Made in Europe!

Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy 2
Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy 3
Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy 6
Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy 5
Peter Lynn Rally Kite Buggy 4

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