Peter Lynn Escape 7.0



Peter Lynn Escape Tube Surf Kite 6

Peter Lynn Escape 7.0
The Escape is built for ambitious riders who want a kite that pops hard and boosts big, the Escape is the ultimate freeride – freestyle machine that delivers its power in a predictable and intuitive way. It delivers stability, pop & boost in a way which can take anyone’s riding to the next level. Its smooth and predictable power delivery allows for easy progression and will instantly provide the rider with confidence after launching the Escape for the first time. The 4-strut design delivers good grunt, lift and boost while the squared off wingtips give the kite a high turning speed and a solid bar feeling that let’s you know where the kite is at all times. Multiple trim options make the Escape suitable for freeride, freestyle and wakestyle. The Escape delivers as being the ultimate tool to progress with success.

Peter Lynn Escape Details:
Versatile high performance freeride/freestyle kite
- Fast and direct turning
- Intuitive handling and kite feedback
- First class pop, lift and boost
- Progressive power development
- Spectacular wind- and performance- range
- Highest grade materials and workmanship
- One pump system with high flow valve
- Complete version comes with Navigator SL bar with push-away safety

Peter Lynn Escape Package:
- Escape kite
- Escape backpack
- Escape inner bag
- Peter Lynn 4-line LEI instruction manual
- Repair kit
- Navigator SL Control Bar (complete version only)
- 350/350Kg Dyneema® flying lines (complete versions only)
- Safety leash (complete version only)

Peter Lynn Escape - yellow

Peter Lynn Escape Tube Surf Kite 6

Peter Lynn Escape - red

Peter Lynn Escape Tube Surf Kite 5

Peter Lynn Escape - Bag

Peter Lynn Escape Tube Surf Kite 4

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